Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A.

"The formula of the new energy: i+c"

70 MW PV power plant in Rovigo (Italy) powered with 60 Ingecon ® Sun Power Max inverters

At Ingeteam each project is addressed from the concept of i+c – innovation to develop the optimal solution and commitment to provide an excellent service.

With manufacturing facilities in Spain, China, the USA, and Brazil, and subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, France, the USA, the Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, China, Chile, India, and Australia, Ingeteam can satisfy the needs of its clients worldwide. Furthermore, Ingeteam’s Service Division provides operation and maintenance services to solar PV installations worldwide.

In the field of solar energy, Ingeteam has already overcome technology, and regulatory and integration roadblocks to offer holistic electrical equipment solutions in many solar installations operating throughout the world.

Ingeteam’s latest innovations include the new Ingecon® Sun Power Max 1 MW central inverter for large-scale PV installations, which reaches an output power of 1,019 kW and a maximum efficiency of 98.9%. In order to meet households’ new energy needs, Ingeteam has also just presented the Ingeteam Smart House concept, a global energy management solution for residential and industrial use that allows for increased on-site consumption. Moreover, Ingeteam has launched the new Ingecon® Sun 1Play (2.5 to 6 kW) and Ingecon® Sun 3Play (10 to 40 kW) inverter families with improved features that include higher efficiency levels. Finally, the Ingecon® Sun Training platform offers a wide range of on-site training courses and live webinars aimed at professionals in the PV sector.

Ingeteam is a global corporation specialized in six different sectors (energy, industry, marine, traction, basic technologies, and services) that are all customer oriented and based on power and control electronics, electrical machines, and application engineering. Thanks to its division-based structure and sustainable growth policy, Ingeteam enjoys a privileged, competitive position and has strongly established itself as one of the leading companies in the electronics and electrotechnical sector.

Ingeteam, S.A.
Corporate Headquarters
Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Edificio 106
48170 Zamudio-Bizkaia
Phone: +34 944 039-710
Fax: +34 944 039-800
Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A.
Energy Division Headquarters
Avda. Ciudad de la Innovación, 13
31621 Sarriguren (Navarra)
Phone: +34 948 288-000
Fax: +34 948 288-001
Founded: 1972 (Ingeteam Group)
3,000 employees (Ingeteam Group, worldwide)

Off-grid PV installation in Spain powered with Ingecon Hybrid AC-Link inverters

Ingecon ® Sun Power Max Outdoor up to 1 MW inverter