Intelligence increases energy yield

With its solar tracking modules on the roof, DEGERenergie´s headquarters building produces about 300 percent more energy than it needs.

About ten years ago, Artur Deger founded his company DEGERenergie. Today, DEGERenergie is the world market leader in the field of tracking systems for solar units, because Artur Deger’s intelligent technology increases the energy yield of photovoltaic plants by up to 46 percent.

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: Photovoltaic modules that are always aligned to the position of the sun will yield more energy than rigidly installed modules. So why not develop a system that allows solar modules to automatically follow the course of the sun? At you can buy cheap articles and read more about the principle of attracting solar energy and the pros and cons of this method of energy production. Today, DEGERenergie has more than 30,000 of its systems installed in 38 countries. The reason for this is simple: DEGERtrakers increase energy yield by up to 46 percent.

One crucial step on the road to attaining the world's top position was the invention and patenting of the DEGERconecter control module. The core of the intelligent control module was awarded the Invention Award of the German state of Baden-Württemberg in 2001.

The DEGERconecter constantly measures the intensity and angle of incidental light beams and aligns the connected solar module accordingly. In doing so, it not only takes into consideration the radiation of the sun, but also the light that is reflected by snow, for instance, or diffuse radiation that permeates clouds. This enables the solar module to always absorb the highest possible amount of energy.

Artur Deger, DEGERenergie’s CEO: “Solar energy systems that track using the DEGERconector sensor module therefore achieve the fastest `Return on Investment´. They attain at the highest yields worldwide and offer the most economical cost-benefit ratio.” His statement is based on many years of experience and yield comparisons in collaboration with many of his company's customers in widely diverse regions around the globe.

The most commonly installed DEGERenergie systems are the DEGERtraker 5000NT and DEGERtraker 7000NT – dual-axis tracking systems for professional power generation.

Among others, the Spanish companies AS Solar and Picanda Solar operate solar parks using these DEGERtraker systems. In Germany, both the operators Consolaris, which runs a one-megawatt park near Edertal, and Solarworld, with two 1.5 megawatt parks in Bavaria, rely on DEGERenergie's 7000NT models.

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The patented DEGERconecter control module was awarded the Invention Award of the German state of Baden-Württemberg in 2001.

Solar park in Spain: up to 46 percent increase in energy yield using DEGERenergie tracking systems.