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Santerno: Qualified customer service and excellent products

The photovoltaic plant in Fuente Alamo, Spain: 26 MW installed with Santerno inverters (160 Sunways TG 145 and 32 Sunways TG 385).

“Since 1983, we have been supporting our customers and the highest-status design agencies and architectural offices during the design, planning and installation of photovoltaic plants, including monitoring, control and maintenance.”

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In 1994, we installed our inverters in the 3 MWp photovoltaic plant station in Serre near Salerno, Campania, which is one of the sunniest regions in Europe. The power station in Serre was the largest in the world for 4 years. Since then, we have become the leading manufacturer of solar inverters in Italy in terms of MW installed.

Since 2006, Santerno has been part of the Carraro Group, an international leading company in the manufacture of power transmission systems.

Today Santerno has direct branches in Brazil, Russia, Spain and the United States and has commercial offices in Germany, India and China. Our customers' installations worldwide are serviced by highly qualified technicians.

Our growing investment in ever more advanced remote monitoring systems ensures optimum safety, reliability, accuracy and prompt service, thus reducing costs for maximum return on investment.

Control standards, quality assurance and a widespread network of qualified after-sales centers allow Santerno to offer contracts for extended guarantees and production reliability of up to 20 years.

We offer a complete range of solar inverters with power ratings from 2 kWp to 770 kWp. Our solar inverters are all compliant with the technical regulations and the standards in force worldwide: They all meet the strict LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) requirements as well as the control requirements of SMART grids.

Our Sunway Stations, ranging from 620 kWp to 1540 kWp, have shown to be very simple and quick to install and ensure optimum benefits in terms of performance, reliability and O&M promptness.

Elettronica Santerno SpA
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Founded 1970
Approximately 150 employees

Business Area

  • inverter / inverter systems

Elettronica Santerno’s Headquarters in Imola, Italy

The new transformerless Sunway MXS for residential environments. It is available in 4 colours - red, blue, white, black.