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Sunny prospects

Solar installation on the roof of EnBW logistics center

Energy in abundance: The sun is the biggest source of energy on earth. It supplies more light and warmth than the human race could ever need. EnBW has been involved in the field of solar energy for a long time and supports its development.

The sun gives life, lets plants grow and fruit ripen. It supplies light and warmth which can be converted into electricity. Photovoltaics use the photosynthesis effect of light and convert the rays of the sun directly into electrical current. The solar-thermal production of electricity works differently: It pools the radiation heat in solar collectors in order to heat water. The water steam turns turbines which produce electricity in a conventional way. However, the heat can also be used directly for providing warm water in households.

The dependence of solar energy on the number of hours of sunshine makes it difficult to calculate. This is why our reserves are combined with other production technologies in order to guarantee a continuous supply of electricity.

EnBW constructed its first photovoltaic system in 1984. The company operates 35 plants in Baden-Württemberg and will continue to invest even more in profitable systems. Within the "Solar BürgerAktiv" program, EnBW has been supporting the financing and construction of roof systems and solar parks together with local authorities since 2003. The number has risen considerably in the past years.

EnBW's first large solar park in Leibertingen (county of Sigmaringen) on a site measuring 7.3 ha supplies around 2.1 MW of electricity each year. This allows around 800 households to be supplied with electricity and 1,200 tonnes of CO2 to be saved.

EnBW - harvesting sunlight:

  • EnBW operates 35 photovoltaic systems with a total output of 3.4 MW.
  • The largest solar park in Leibertingen has an overall output of around 2.1 MW.
  • More than 16,000 private and local authority operated photovoltaic systems are connected to the EnBW network in Baden-Württemberg.
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Solar park in Leibertingen