Focus on EXOSUN's solar solutions for a high performance investment guaranteed 20 years

Montesquieu solar plant - the first photovoltaic plant in France equipped with trackers. Engineering and construction by EXOSUN.

Exosun delivers large scale ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants equipped with its patented solar trackers. From system design and engineering through to construction, Exosun controls the entire building process of its power plants. Highly competitive in terms of price, quality, and yield, Exosun offers all the technical and environmental qualities necessary to create the best solutions for large scale solar projects.

Exosun’s mission: Lower the cost of the solar kilowatt with a technologically superior product. “EXOTRACK”– Exosun’s patented range of solar trackers – allow photovoltaic panels to follow the course of the sun to generate up to 40 percent more energy than a fixed-tilt system. The 2-axis and 1-axis trackers are designed to respect the biotope, and with their low height they have the feature of blending in with their environment. Also designed for minimal ground occupation, EXOTRACKs have a high performance ratio per hectare and are equipped with a backtracking program for shadow correction. Exosun’s solar plants are guaranteed a high ROI, rapid installation, up to 99 percent system availability and a life expectancy beyond 20 years.

A pioneer in France for solar trackers, Exosun designed, developed and built the first power plant equipped with this innovative solar technology. Located in the South West of France, next to Exosun’s headquarters, the Montesquieu Solar Plant showed a record production of 1584 kWh/kWp. Also located in the South West of France is the Gabardan solar park, the biggest photovoltaic project in Europe, for which Exosun supplied the first section of 2 MW equipped with 2-axis trackers (November 2009). Strongly involved in R&D for concentrated photovoltaics, Exosun is part of many experimental projects. One of the completed projects, CENSOL PV, located in the Pyrénées Orientales, is a pilot for low CPV using the 2-axis EXOTRACK. The construction of a project which focuses on high CPV is scheduled for the end of 2010.

Founded in June 2007 by Frédéric Conchy, Jean-Noël de Charentenay, and Dominique Rochier, Exosun is today 60 employees strong and already has a foot in the American and Persian Gulf markets. With four solar plants under its belt, as well as hundreds of MW’s worth of projects underway in France and abroad, Exosun is well on its way to achieving its objective of installed capacity for 2010 and beyond.

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Founded 2007
60 employees

Business Areas

  • tracking systems
  • system integrators /  project developer /  turnkey solutions

EXOTRACK 2-axis before grid-connection. Designed, developed and installed by EXOSUN.

Gabardan solar park under construction – 2 MWp equipped with trackers. Engineering and construction by EXOSUN.