KACO new energy

Reliable and efficient inverters for solar parks and the world of renewable energies

The new KACO headquarters also house the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for central inverters.

KACO new energy is at home in the world of renewable energies. KACO’s innovations range from inverters for block heating stations, fuel cells and concentrator modules to solar water treatment systems and systems for supplying power to electric vehicles. KACO is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar inverters – from string inverters for single family homes to central inverters for solar parks. The central inverters of the Powador XP series were designed especially for use in large megawatt systems.

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The Powador XP100-HV and the Powador XP350-HV TL are highly efficient and reliable. They guarantee the kinds of high returns that investors expect. Our unique power electronics control increases the switching efficiency of the power transistors: Depending on the input power, one of several pulse-width modulation methods is used. The internal power supply and the cooling system are designed redundantly. In the case of a failure, a second system takes over. The error tracing function reports errors immediately and sends diagrams that allow the operator to locate the problem quickly. In addition to the three-year warranty, custom maintenance contracts offer further guarantee.

The inverters are designed to generate a maximum of 110 kW and 385 kW, respectively. For the Powador XP100-HV, the MPP range spans from 450 to 800 volts. For the Powador XP350-HV TL this range is extended to 830 volts. The maximum input voltage is 950 or 1,000 volts, respectively and the maximum input current is 235 or 856 amperes, respectively. The Powador XP100-HV comes with a transformer and is ready for immediate use. The Powador XP350-HV TL is delivered without a transformer; it can be chosen on a project-by-project basis, allowing for maximum flexibility in system planning. Devices for different power classes are currently being developed. KACO also offers a ready-to-use megawatt station, which consists of three Powador XP350-HV TL units encased in a concrete structure and includes a medium voltage transformer.

The Powador XP series is predestined for international use. The convenient touch screen allows the user to select preset country-specific grid parameters which can easily be adjusted to new standards, for example, thanks to the digital control. Because KACO new energy is at home all over the world.

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KACO also offers central inverters from 25 to 33 kW. The 986 kW plant in Sanarica, Italy, is equipped with the Powador 33000xi.

The Powador XP350-HV TL: A trio of them is available as a ready-to-use megawatt station.