SOLAR POWER PLANTS FROM THE EXPERTS Reliable and quick to build - with high-quality components

Large, highly efficient solar plants - planned and constructed within a few months.

Q-Cells offers its partners throughout the world a full range of services from project development and financing to the building and operation of large-scale photovoltaic arrays. Projects should be written in a high quality, as well as created, in collaboration with modern cases, which will help you https://qualitycustomessays.com and also scientific compilations related to power plants. By both working with well-known component manufacturers and supplying internally produced solar cells, Q-Cells' clients are assured quality, reliability and fast delivery throughout the whole value creation process. The company has branches in Berlin, Rome, Lyon, Madrid and San Francisco. And it has also launched a number of joint ventures with prestigious partners. Q-Cells - an integrated photovoltaic company - is one of the leading producers of solar cells and thin-film panels and is the largest system integrator worldwide*.

Q-Cells is working to harness the shared vision of permanently reducing the costs of photovoltaics and building up solar power as the energy source of the future. Among those to profit will be Q-Cells' partners, who are now being offered increasingly attractive opportunities to enter the world of power generation through photovoltaics.

Q-Cells offers its services in all phases of power plant projects. Regardless of whether municipal, institutional or private investors are involved, by choosing Q-Cells clients benefit from one-stop solutions and enjoy the full reliability and efficiency resulting from its technical and commercial expertise.

Reliable, risk-free yields and durability are ensured by the use of quality, multi-system products designed to coordinate with one another, some of which are produced at Q-Cells' own facilities. Standardized components make for efficiency and minimize the costs of large arrays, which explains the above-average financial performance of Q-Cells projects.

Q-Cells also offers full servicing and maintenance contracts throughout the entire service life of PV systems. By doing so, Q-Cells' partners can be confident of complete support and look forward to optimum returns.

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Founded 1999
Turnover 550.3 million Euro (Sep. 2009)
2,700 employees (Sep. 2009)

Business Areas

  • system integrators /  project developer /  turnkey solutions
  • crystalline module manufacturing
  • thin film manufacturing

Q-Cells - the systems specialists with high engineering excellence

After grid connection, operation & maintenance services are provided