Production of high-performance modules in accordance with strict quality standards

In a time when the world is eagerly seeking clean and renewable power sources, solar has emerged as a solution with tremendous opportunities worldwide. With uncompromising focus on quality, lowering costs and increasing efficiencies, REC is leading the way forward. By prioritizing research and development, quality, and strict adherence to environmental standards, we own every step in the value chain to ensure the products we create deliver sustainable value.


The company is one of the world's largest producers of silicon (REC Silicon) and wafers (REC Wafer) for solar applications, and of the fastest growing producers of solar cells and polycrystalline PV-panels (REC Solar). REC is also engaging in project development activities in selected segments of the market. Throughout REC there is continuous focus on technological innovation, lean production and universal reduction of unit costs. A major achievement in our commitment to reducing cost by innovation is REC's proprietary depositioning technology - FBR. This technology will produce solar grade silicon at significantly lower cost than the traditional Siemens process. The energy savings in the silicon refining process will be up to 80-90 percent. REC is now in the final stages of implementing the FBR technology at our Moses Lake plant in Washington, USA.

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, our production facilities include the silicon materials plants in Moses Lake, Washington and Butte, Montana in the USA. The wafer production sites are located in Glomfjord and Herøya, both in Norway. Cells production is in Narvik, Norway and solar modules are produced at a manufacturing plant in Glava, Sweden. A new fully integrated wafer, cell and module manufacturing complex is under construction in Singapore. This new expansion project, which will cost approximately 1,5 billion euros will more than double REC's current production capacity. The new plant is due to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2010.

REC Solar has sales offices in the key solar energy markets in Europe, the USA and Asia. In these areas, REC works very closely together with experienced, reliable business partners. Market channels are either the distribution part or projects. The sales office network of REC Solar Germany is spread across the whole of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. According to our policy of quality throughout the whole production line, we also place very strong emphasis on the selection of our business partners.


REC's culture is driven by our history as a company that is focused on innovating for value in solar technology. We set ourselves challenging targets in this area - and consistently achieve them.

That success is rooted in our belief that inspired individuals, working in concert, can achieve the impossible. This philosophy is brought to life at REC through our focus on a set of core values which are called "REC-ID".


REC people are committed to providing smart energy for a cleaner future. We deliver on our promise by acting with discipline, professionalism and honesty. Safety always comes first.


With excitement and optimism, we strive for rapid growth and great performance. We are strongly engaged in, and proud of, our business.


We maintain a deep sense of ownership that keeps us focused on our mission and vision. We are determined to reduce costs, while pursuing and realizing growth opportunities. We recognize that quality and customer satisfaction are critical to our long-term success.


We believe the future holds unlimited opportunities. Our open minds, imagination and curiosity prompt us to explore new ideas. We constantly identify and create smarter solutions and process improvements.


Our pioneering mindset drives us to proactively seek new opportunities and ambitious goals. Inspired by the challenge of making solar competitive, we attack new challenges with dynamism and boldness.

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Founded 1996
Approximately 3,000 employees worldwide

Business Area

  • crystalline module manufacturing

Silicon production in Moses Lake

Large PV power plant in Germany

Silicon rods from REC Silicon

All cells are carefully checked

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