Solar Integrated

Focusing on lightweight, durable, powerful turnkey photovoltaic solutions

Solar Integrated’s solution solved leachate problems, produces clean energy and enhances the image of the Malagrotta landfill near Rome.

Solar Integrated is a renowned pioneer and leader in commercial, industrial and institutional solar applications. As a global solar solutions provider, we combine various technologies to develop the best PV-system for every customer's specific needs, for utmost reliability, productivity, financial performance and environmental benefits.

Founded in 2002 as a spin-off of Southern California Roofing, Solar Integrated is the roofing expert and draws on more than 80 years of experience in construction and project management. Combined with our unparalleled team of experienced engineers, designers and service technicians, Solar Integrated provides proven quality and dependable long-term performance.

Today, Solar Integrated is part of Energy Conversion Devices (ECD), to which United Solar also belongs ? the world leader in the manufacture of lightweight, flexible solar modules and the second largest thin-film supplier in the world. Being part of ECD secures access to financial and technological resources, which allows us to further develop Solar Integrated?s business activities and strengthens our market position as a turnkey EPC contractor of MW-size photovoltaic installations.

While focusing on building integrated or building applied systems, Solar Integrated also offers innovative solutions for special applications, which demonstrate Solar Integrated's expertise with intricate projects, e.g. solar landfill closure systems for "new" unsettled landfills or slopes.

All product solutions developed by Solar Integrated are lightweight in comparison to related products, increasing the scope of building types available for solar energy generation. We focus on the use of materials and components that have proven their long lifetime and durability in other heavy-duty applications, such as automotives.

Our combination of high-quality materials and innovative PV-technology renders high energy yields under real outdoor conditions, guaranteeing a stable return on investment.

Solar Integrated Technologies GmbH
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55129 Mainz
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Founded in 2002 (USA) / 2005 (Germany)
Approx. 38 employees Europe-wide

Business Area

  • system integrators /  project developer /  turnkey solutions

The Rodamco Equinoccio commercial center won the award “Best Photovoltaic Installation in the Community of Madrid for 2009”.