Clean power: customized and ready for use - SOLON Power Plants.

Since 2005, SOLON has installed projects throughout the world with a total capacity of over 180 MW.

SOLON SE is one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules in Europe as well as a supplier of solar power system technology for large-scale rooftop and greenfield installations. For more than a decade now, we have been developing trendsetting projects across the globe through our subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the US. Worldwide, the SOLON group employs approximately 900 staff.

The foundation of our global success story in power plant construction is the development of the SOLON Mover in 2003. This pioneering achievement in the field of double axis tracking systems allows for additional yields of up to 40 percent compared to fixed systems with equal power ratings. In 2005, SOLON constructed the solar park Gut Erlasee using this system, which was the world's largest photovoltaic plant at that time with 12 MW and 1,500 SOLON Movers. Worldwide, the projects realized with this product amount to a capacity of over 90 MW to date.

From the unique SOLON Mover to the diverse power plant portfolio

Based on our many years of international experience, SOLON is one of the premier solar power plant EPC providers in the world. From planning and construction to commissioning and maintenance, we always use state-of-the-art technology and the most current safety standards. With over 180 MW of power plants installed around the world, we provide a unique combination of PV power plant expertise and unsurpassed experience in designing and manufacturing PV modules. Today, our power plant portfolio includes fixed tilt, single and dual axis tracking PV power plant systems with large SOLON modules, as well as custom solutions for individual customer needs. All of our systems and their essential components are precisely tailored to one another.

As a manufacturer and general contractor of solar systems, we can ensure the quality of the entire power plant up to grid feed-in point, irrespective of whether a frame, a module, an inverter or a medium-voltage component is concerned. No matter how extreme or challenging the conditions, whether facing the requirements of a complex site or a unique roof mount, SOLON develops the optimal solution: Our PV power plants are individually tailored to the geographical location, particularities of the construction site and the needs of our customers. And our systems are continuously being developed and optimized.

SOLON Power Plants - the reasons for decade-long profitability

  • Optimal solutions for every location and all requirements
  • Highest quality for long-term high yields
  • SOLON PV systems with components optimally tailored to one another
  • Innovative solar power plant technologies
  • Quality from one source for comprehensive guarantees
  • Utmost security (delivery, financing, technology and implementation)
  • Internationally proven and standardized PV systems

SOLON Power Plants - business portfolio

1. Project Development

  • Own and third party projects
  • Acquisition of suitable locations and authorization procedure
  • Yield simulations and preliminary system design and engineering
  • Project financing

2. Planning and Construction

  • Solar power plant design
  • Support and management of permit application processes
  • Plant construction inclusive of all required components as an integrated general contractor
  • Turnkey delivery

3. Operation and Service

  • Commercial and technical operation management, including system monitoring, maintenance, inspection and servicing, spare parts service and training of service personnel

As prime contractor SOLON can provide all the steps required in power plant business: From planning and construction to the commissioning, maintenance and service of your solar power plant, we are your reliable partner.

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Founded 1997
900 employees

Business Areas

  • system integrators /  project developer /  turnkey solutions
  • crystalline module manufacturing
  • tracking systems

The 12 MW solar power plant Gut Erlasee was equipped with a dual axis tracking SOLON Mover system that allows for an additional 40 % yield due to optimal alignment with the sun.

SOLON developed a special solution for a project in the mountainous terrain of Moclinejo, east of Malaga, to securely anchor the 7 MW plant to the steeply sloped ground.

The tracking system SOLON Single Axis allows for an additional yield of up to 25 % compared to fixed installations.

This urban solar power station on the site of a public transportation company in Seville makes intelligent use of a previously sealed area twice over by combining proceeds from feed-in tariffs and weather protection.

SOLON manufactures solar modules at its own manufacturing sites in Germany, Italy and the USA.