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Discover the art of flexibility - UNI-SOLAR© PV-laminates: adaptable, reliable, bankable

Fiera di Roma: An innovative solar solution that adapts perfectly to the building architecture.

United Solar is the world leader in lightweight, flexible solar modules, the second largest thin-film supplier worldwide and the longest established manufacturer of  thin film solar products. Our proprietary roll-to-roll production process is ideal for mass production and allows us to scale capacity quickly according to demand. Today, our factories can produce more than 18 km of reliable and proven solar materials per day.

As part of the ECD group research, innovation and ground breaking technological solutions are part of our DNA. Our advanced triple junction devices not only generate more electricity per m2 than traditional amorphous silicon products but also capture all of the different wavelengths of light to convert all of the sunlight available and render a higher energy yield under real outdoor conditions.
When crystalline solar products are incorporated in a building envelope, their performance drops off rapidly. Our cadmium free amorphous silicon solar cells on the other hand have been specifically designed to work at higher temperatures, be resistant to shading, and be light weight so that they can be mounted easily into or onto the building. Together with our building materials channel partners, we provide products for virtually every roof type, be it membrane, modified bitumen or metal.
Our products are tested and certified to comply with international certifications, are recognized to be fully eligible for higher building integrated feed in tariffs in France and Italy, and are already used to generate clean electricity in towns and cities across the globe from Dubai to Johannesburg, San Francisco to Seoul and Madrid to Munich. Blue chip companies such as Airbus, Coca-Cola, Volkswagen, General Motors and Lidl have selected the Uni-Solar solution to meet their building's solar needs.
Impressive large scale applications have been realized and are being planned with UNI-SOLAR PV-laminates around the world: A 12 MW installation on the GM-Opel plant in Zaragoza, Spain; a 5 MW installation on various buildings of the San Diego Unified School district; 25 MWs on commercial buildings in Italy; a 1 MW plant on a warehouse in Korea and even a 300 kWp installation on the Museum of Beijing.

United Solar Ovonic LLC
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Founded 1990
Turnover FY 2009: 316 million $
Approximately 1,500 employees worldwide

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UNI-SOLAR PV-laminate: The lightweight, flexible, powerful solar module.