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Turnkey solar power plants - everything from a single source.

Würth Solar's largest project to date in Almeria (Spain)

Würth Solar has been producing CIS modules for more than ten years now (with large-scale production since 2006 in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany) and has been working intensively on the integration of components to yield tailored overall systems. Würth Solar covers the entire spectrum ranging from roof-mounted systems for residential buildings and commercial facilities, architecturally sophisticated facade solutions and other custom solutions, right through to turnkey solar power plants.

Many examples of this type of power plant have already been built: Würth Solar has constructed ground-mounted projects with capacities of between 0.2 MWp and 10 MWp, mostly in Spain.

Würth Solar is able to provide an all-inclusive service as regards the erection of solar power plants: Each project is implemented by a project manager with international experience who works together with a local project team. In this way, professional project execution, the involvement of local companies and the efficient use of resources are all guaranteed.

Würth Solar's service portfolio is comprehensive and structured in a modular fashion. The focus here is on the most complex project area ? that means the construction of the system - but all pre-construction and post-construction tasks are of course also included in our range of services. Project development in partnership with the client is one possible approach here. Prime importance is attached to all services affecting the safe and reliable operation of the system once it has been constructed.

The largest project completed to date was built in Almeria with a construction period of only three months; it has 10 MWp of installed capacity and occupies a ground area of around 25 hectares, approximately 8.5 hectares of which are covered with over 55,000 modules that employ CIS and silicon technology.

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Würth Solar: CIS large scale production since 2006