Alternative Antriebe & Erneuerbare Energien

Quality Control Safeguards Sustainable Yields

The engineering office Alternative Antriebe & Erneuerbare Energien has a wide range of clients, including system buyers (investors) and sellers (system constructors and operators), as well as money-lending institutions (banks).

The company’s founder, graduate engineer (Diplom-Ingenieur) Christian Dürschner, looks back on many years of experience as a project engineer and independent expert in photovoltaic systems. He founded the consultancy firm Alternative Antriebe, which focuses on solar cars, electric cars, and hybrid vehicles, as early as in 1995, before expanding it into Alternative Antriebe & Erneuerbare Energien, an engineering office specializing in photovoltaics, in 2000. Certified as having expertise in photovoltaic systems by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), the office mainly draws up objective and impartial reports for small, medium, and large-scale PV plants.

Our range of services from A to Z:

  • analysis of yield reductions
  • comparison of actual and nominal yields
  • creation and evaluation of yield forecasts and yield reports
  • damage reports and damage evaluations
  • expert opinions for court cases
  • I-V curve measurements of modules and strings
  • inspections using electroluminescence and/or thermal imaging cameras
  • profitabiltiy calculations
  • quality assurance of construction processes
  • support with EEG commissioning
  • support with technical acceptance
  • technical due diligence
  • valuation of existing plants
  • and much more...

Benefit from our long-standing experience in PV!

Alternative Antriebe & Erneuerbare Energien
Ing.-Büro Dürschner Anna-Rosenthal-Weg 21
91052 Erlangen

Reduction in yield resulting from shading caused by the system itself

Fire hazard caused by the formation of copper sulfate (CuSO4 ) in the generator junction box

Fire hazard caused by corrosion within defectively assembled connectors