Array Technologies, Inc.

A Global Leader in Solar Tracking Systems

Calexico, California, USA: 265 MW Mount Signal Solar is one of the largest thin-film solar tracking sites in North America.

Array Technologies, Inc. is a solar industry pioneer and one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, cost effective, reliable, and robust solar tracking and racking systems.

Experience that pays off

There is a reason Array Technologies is a global leader: product bankability that comes from more than two decades of deploying tracking and racking systems, from residential neighborhoods to utility-scale power plants. With nearly 2 GW delivered to date in 19+ countries worldwide, we provide our customers with unequaled solar tracking expertise.

Engineered simplicity

After more than 20 years of testing in the field and in the lab, as well as undergoing independent engineering reviews, our product designs have been refined for peak performance and long life.

Array Technologies’ tracking and racking products are engineered to withstand some of the worst conditions on the planet and keep on going. With the objective of a minimum 25 year lifespan, they lead the industry in terms of reliability and durability.

Smart design

We offer cutting-edge solutions for a variety of solar applications. Products include the popular horizontal single-axis DuraTrack™ HZ tracking system, DuraTrack™ DA and AZ dual-axis and single-axis azimuth trackers for small-scale installations, as well as the DuraRack™ for fixed-mounted sites of any size.

Customization and on-site support

For commercial and utility-scale projects, engineering services are included to customize our products to meet your special requirements and maximize energy production for your location, as well as project management services to provide on-site support for optimized installation and commissioning.

Array Technologies’ ground mount tracking and racking systems optimally balance performance with high durability, long-term reliability, and minimal operation and maintenance, to maximize the ROI for competitive solar projects around the world.

Array Technologies, Inc.
3901 Midway Place NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
Founded: 1992
130 employees

Les Borges Blanques, Catalonia, Spain: a 1.6 MW DuraTrack HZ site in North-East Spain

Marana, Arizona, USA: a 25 MW DuraTrack HZ single-axis solar tracking site near Tucson