A Leading Module Manufacturer with Headquarters in Germany and Worldwide Production and Sales Locations

Spain: utility power plant

With 400 MWp of solar modules installed across the globe, the German company AXITEC GmbH has been well-established for years as a high-performance and quality module manufacturer.

AXITEC GmbH was established in 2001 and has been one of the leading global manufacturers of quality solar modules for years. The core expertise covers the complete process chain for solar modules from development and manufacturing through quality assurance to sales and service.

High-performance solar modules by AXITEC are sold all over the world under two different brands. They are manufactured in accordance with their respective labels – “Made in Europe” and “Made in Asia” – in the respective production facilities of certified OEM partners. AXITEC grants identical warranties for all of them:

  • positive tolerances
  • twelve-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • exclusive linear AXITEC performance guarantee

Global production processes

Years of close partnerships with several OEM manufacturers enable AXITEC to always use the latest technology in the manufacture of solar modules, making it one of the leading global providers in terms of technology and cost. AXITEC customers can therefore purchase solar panels with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Quality assurance and certification

AXITEC solar modules are certified according to all international standards, e.g. IEC, UL, MCS and CEC. Additionally, all solar modules are certified according to IEC 61701 (Salt Mist Corrosion Test) and IEC 62716 (Ammonia Corrosion Test) and are tested for PID-free. As a result, all AXITEC solar modules can be mounted next to the sea and on agricultural roofs, including those of pigsties.

Global branch offices

AXITEC has branch offices in Italy, the USA, and Brazil. Additionally, AXITEC solar modules are available worldwide from renowned distributors. The objective is to approach the customer emotionally and technically.

References and installations

All over the globe, AXITEC solar modules successfully produce clean energy.

Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 5
71034 Böblingen
Founded: 2001

France: solar park in Alsace

Germany: solar park in Gütersloh

12 years manufacturer’s warranty

Brands of AXITEC: “Made in Europe”, "Made in Asia"