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Big Goals Need Strong Partnerships – Photovoltaics from a Single Source

Solar farm at Barth Airport, Germany

As one of the leading suppliers in the renewables sector in the fields of solar, wind power, bio-energy, and geothermal energy, BayWa r.e.’s business activities are centered on Europe and the USA.

When undertaking a new project, BayWa r.e. seeks to strike a balance between the technical and financial aspects involved. Thanks to our wealth of experience and technical expertise, we are able to carry out work to a very high standard.

The three key areas of the photovoltaic business – sales, project development, and service – together ensure that photovoltaic systems satisfy the highest requirements and achieve consistently good yields. The planning, realization, and financing of PV plants with megawatt generating capacity, as well as operational management and the marketing of the generated energy, are all core competencies of BayWa r.e.

Project development and plant construction

In cooperation with local partners, BayWa r.e. develops solar projects from the greenfield stage right through to readiness to build. Professional project engineering methods ensure the best possible use is made of the available area. BayWa r.e.’s integrated implementation planning ensures optimum matching to site and economic conditions. BayWa r.e. handles installations on roofs and in open spaces. In addition to its own projects, BayWa r.e. also takes on projects at varying stages of development for cooperation partners and follows them through during the construction phase right through to normal operation. The range of services includes:

  • site evaluation and securing land
  • authorization and implementation planning
  • yield analysis
  • managing local project developers
  • turnkey construction
  • construction and up-front finance
  • project structuring and funding

BayWa r.e. makes the solar project business a sustainable and profitable form of investment for institutional investors, as well as energy cooperatives and fund managers. Taking into consideration the relevant regulatory conditions in the target markets, BayWa r.e. develops individual finance concepts and yield optimized business models. BayWa r.e. offers investment models customized to the direct power consumption on site especially for customers in industry and commerce. At BayWa r.e., all elements of a project are optimally matched and always sourced from one provider.

Operation and maintenance

As a service provider for fund managers, banks, international investment trusts, and community energy cooperatives, BayWa r.e. provides technical and commercial management support services for wind and solar energy projects with a total installed power output of over 800 MW. The range of services includes:

  • a multilingual control center, which operates a three-shift system to provide round-the-clock support
  • control of maintenance and repairs for optimized energy availability
  • a centralized, manufacturer-independent operational management system
  • documentation maintained throughout the project duration
  • comprehensive reporting
  • regional service staff for inspections and prompt troubleshooting
  • fixed response times for service personnel arriving at the solar farm to minimize downtime
  • if required, guaranteed plant availability of up to 99%
  • service and maintenance tasks in the medium to high voltage range
  • A3 checks under BGV (German Trade Association Health and Safety Directives)
  • thermal imaging and curve measurement
  • taking on all commercial management tasks
  • representation and assertion of the operator’s interests

Energy trading

BayWa r.e. also provides the marketing of the power generated by wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal energy on behalf of micro generators. Individual supply solutions are developed for those wishing to use the generated power on site:

  • marketing: generating forecasts, trading in energy, accounting group management, remote control
  • taking on marketing risks
  • optimizing potential revenues: marketing in the balancing energy market and wholesale market
  • balancing out over- and under-generation in micro generation power supply models

In collaboration with BayWa r.e. experts, a large number of clients and business partners have already been able to realize the most appropriate solution for their business success. Moreover, backed by the financial strength of BayWa AG, BayWa r.e. also represents a reliable partner for the long term.

BayWa r.e. renewable energy GmbH
Herzog-Heinrich-Straße 9
80336 München
Founded: 2009
800 employees

Solar farm in Great Glemham, England

Construction of solar farm in Divitz, Germany

Construction of solar farm in Divitz, Germany

Maintenance of solar farm in Maisach, Germany