Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A.

Over 2 GW installed worldwide using Bonfiglioli inverters

Bonfiglioli engineers and manufactures power conversion systems and turnkey inverter solutions that are specifically designed for large commercial and utility-scale PV power plants.

Bonfiglioli has been a leading name in power transmission for industrial processes, automation, mobile machinery, and renewable energy applications since 1956. Nearly 60 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of these industries have led to global success with around 3,300 employees worldwide, 17 subsidiaries, ten production facilities, and a sales network covering more than 80 countries around the world.

Focused on specific business models and products, Bonfiglioli operates using a business unit organization. The company’s diversification strategy guarantees stability by creating immunity from single-market trends and makes Bonfiglioli a reliable global partner for the present and the future.

Bonfiglioli Photovoltaic: over 2 GW installed worldwide served by Bonfiglioli inverters

Bonfiglioli’s Regenerative and Photovoltaic Business Unit specializes in utility-scale PV plants and offers high-productivity power conversion systems in the megawatt range through its global distribution network.

Since its first significant installations in Germany eleven years ago, Bonfiglioli has invested heavily in the development of new products, services, and solutions for photovoltaic energy conversion.

Thanks to the reliability of its solutions and service, prestigious international EPCs and IPPs have trusted Bonfiglioli to supply inverters for large-scale photovoltaic installations in Europe, Asia, North and South America. In 2008, the company supplied solutions to the world’s largest photovoltaic field at the time (51 MW) in Spain. In 2010, Bonfiglioli supplied inverters to one of Europe’s largest fields (70 MW) in Italy, and in 2013 a 170 MW PV field equipped with Bonfiglioli inverters came on line in California (USA).

A wide range, with up to 3 MW power output, for utility-scale PV power plants

Bonfiglioli solutions for solar energy include indoor and outdoor inverters as well as data supervision systems for the protection and monitoring of photovoltaic generators.

Bonfiglioli’s RPS Station solutions are available in a vast range of power ratings from 280 kW to above 3 MW and provide turnkey solutions for the grid integration of all large-scale ground installations. RPS Stations are produced and tested at Bonfiglioli’s own manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency along with reduced costs. As a result, customers can take delivery of a fully equipped, ready to connect system in impressively short times.

Bonfiglioli RPS TL and RPS TL-UL inverters have a proven track record of reliable operation in worldwide deployment. These modular inverters offer unit ratings up to 1.5 MW AC and incorporate independent MPPT trackers to help customers increase yields by reducing mismatch loss. They also significantly reduce the risk of power loss due to fault conditions. Excellent grid management features ensure maximum compliance with worldwide grid codes.

The new RPS Endurance inverter series features a cutting-edge design that maximizes performance, uptime and ease of handling even in the toughest conditions. With an individual power rating of 500 kW and best-in-class 15% overload capability in a record footprint, the RPS Endurance is a robust, compact powerhouse. With numerous self-protection functions and grid management options, the RPS Endurance is built to satisfy your power control requirements in the fast-developing global PV market.

A rapid response anywhere in the world

In addition to products of certified and long-lasting quality, the Bonfiglioli Group also offers all the experience and skill of its Bonfiglioli Vectron Centre of Excellence in Germany.

Bonfiglioli inverters are covered by a warranty of up to 20 years and can be remotely monitored and controlled from any part of the world. Pre-sales and after-sales services are available worldwide to ensure that customers enjoy rapid assistance from specialist personnel with an in-depth knowledge of the market they work in, as well as to ensure that Bonfiglioli’s effective and long-lasting solutions are always tailored to meet customers’ needs. The future is bright with Bonfiglioli!

Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A.
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Founded: 1956
3,300 employees

An international presence, to be as close as possible to the customer

Bonfiglioli Service: a rapid response anywhere in the world

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