Always Striving for Absolute Perfection

1.2 MWp solar park in Kallmünz with PerfectEnergy modules.

Through the exceptionally high quality of its solar cells and modules, PerfectEnergy demonstrates its pursuit of absolute perfection. The company's products not only meet various international standards, they go far beyond them; because for the company, perfect energy does not just mean to provide green energy, but also optimum energy yield from photovoltaic installations. PerfectEnergy's product portfolio comprises both monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules, as well as complete system solutions.

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PerfectEnergy produces the solar cells for its modules in-house. Specific quality tests are integrated into both, solar cell and module production lines, such as resistance tests for wafers or electroluminescence tests for strings prior to lamination. The modules are certified according to safety class II and have passed the higher TÜV-Rheinland load tests under pressure and suction load of 5400 Pa. The EVA gel content test, for example, establishes how well the individual laminate layers of the module are cross-linked, thereby providing an indication of the production quality.

PerfectEnergy modules attained excellent, extraordinarily consistent results in a test conducted by the Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin. Furthermore, all solar modules are manufactured in strict accordance with IEC 61215, TÜV safety class II, IEC 61730 and UL 1703.

PerfectEnergy's ability to offer high-quality products at a reasonable price lies in effective, independent production methods and in appliances developed within the company. The high level of customer orientation and international involvement of the company result in the constant progression of independent research and development, executed by an in-house expert team with excellent connections to pertinent scientific institutions in China and abroad. Technical support and customer service also contribute to lasting product quality and customer satisfaction.

PerfectEnergy insures every individual module. The company has therefore taken out both a product quality guarantee and product liability insurance policy with Alltrust Insurance Brokers & Consultants Co. Ltd, Shanghai.

The Company

PerfectEnergy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd develops and produces solar cells and modules. The company was founded in 2005 by Jack Li, who is also the president of the public holding company PerfectEnergy International, listed on the OTCBB under the symbol of PFGY.

PerfectEnergy GmbH, based in Sankt Augustin near Cologne, Germany, is responsible for the sale of modules, technical support, customer service and warehousing in Europe. This subsidiary of PerfectEnergy International was founded in September 2007 by Margaret Xiaochun Haas, who is also the Vice General Manager of PerfectEnergy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

PerfectEnergy has provided several PV power plants with its modules, not only in Germany but also in Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia and other European countries. Today, the company has over 300 employees and manufactures solar cells with a total output of 45 MW and modules with a total output of 60 MW each year. By the end of 2010, the total module output will stand at 100 MW.

Product Range

Solar Cells:

  • Mono-crystalline 5" cells, diameter 150 mm, thickness 220 μm
  • Mono-crystalline 5" small-corner-cells, diameter 165 mm, thickness 220 μm

Solar Modules:

  • PEM-160/X-72M (72 mono crystalline cells, power output from 145 W to 180 W)
  • PEM-180/X-72M SCC (72 mono crystalline small-corner-cells, power output from 180 W to 200 W)
  •  PEM-230/X-96M (96 mono crystalline cells, power output from 220 W to 240 W)
  • PEM-230/X-60P (60 poly crystalline cells, power output from 210 to 230 W)

PerfectEnergy provides a five year product quality warranty, a ten year warranty for 90 % of the minimum rated power and a 25 year warranty for 80 % of the minimum rated power.

PerfectEnergy GmbH
Tannenweg 8-10
53757 Sankt Augustin
PerfectEnergy (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
479 Youdong Lu, Minhang
201100 Shanghai

Business Area

  • crystalline module manufacturing

The electroluminescence check detects cell micro cracks, which are not visible to the naked eye.

Margaret Xiaochun Haas is the founder and director of PerfectEnergy GmbH.

Each wafer is checked carefully before going to the cell production.