Whatever the future holds

Europe's first 2 MW PV plant in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, in operation since 2004.

SCHOTT Solar is committed to leveraging the virtually inexhaustible potential of the sun as a renewable source of energy. To this end, the company manufactures photovoltaic modules and receivers for solar power plants based on parabolic trough technology.

High quality standards from over 50 years of experience

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of SCHOTT AG, a company with 125 years of technological expertise, innovation that comes from conviction ranks among SCHOTT Solar's company maxims. The company's roots even go back as far as the late 1950s. Today, SCHOTT Solar ranks as one of the world's leading manufacturers and is the only vendor that combines both expertise in photovoltaics and know-how in receiver technology under one roof.

Decades of reliable performance and high energy yields

External institutes in Europe and US have certified SCHOTT Solar Modules as displaying an above average lifetime and very little degradation in performance. 25 year long-term tests conducted by Fraunhofer ISE Institute demonstrate extremely low degradation of only 7 %. Long term data tracking by UL, TÜV, ISPRA and ENREL provides proof of an above average performance ratio.

Product & service spectrum

SCHOTT Solar covers all of the core components involved in generating photovoltaic electricity, from wafers, solar cells and crystalline modules to thin-film modules. Moreover, SCHOTT Solar is active in the project business with regard to the development, structuring and financing of PV projects. In addition, SCHOTT Solar is the market and technology leader in the development and commercialization of receivers for parabolic trough solar power plants.


With international manufacturing sites, many years of advanced manufacturing expertise and experience, in addition to its global sales network and highly qualified employees, SCHOTT Solar considers itself to be well-positioned in the marketplace. The company will undoubtedly also rank among leading players in the solar industry in the future.

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Business Areas

  • crystalline module manufacturing
  • thin film manufacturing
  • receiver (CSP)

Solar power plant in the desert with receiver tubes from SCHOTT Solar

Electrical quality control in thin-film manufacturing. A raw ASI module is prepared for the tester. During this process, the electrical data of the module is captured.