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Our technical and financial management keeps your ROI on the sunny side of the balance.

GP JOULE specializes in megawatt-class power plants. Solar is the main focus area, although the company also successfully implements wind and biomass projects.

Ove Petersen, CEO, defines the vision behind GP JOULE: “Our strength doesn’t only lie in plant construction. We also specialize in solutions for the future. We are certain that 100% renewable energy is a realistic goal and can show you how to achieve it in just a few years.” The company is headquartered in Northern Germany. In addition to sites in the south of the country, GP JOULE is also represented in France, Italy, the USA, and Canada, and is active in projects all over the world.

Good prospects: ecology meets economy

The major advantage of the expert energy company lies in the way it accompanies projects along the entire value chain. From development, planning and finance, to plant construction, GP JOULE offers all necessary services and can even provide turnkey plants on request. The business’s investment division is dedicated to the successful combination of ecology and economy.

The company also offers a high-quality range of technical and commercial services for solar and wind parks that guarantee long-term stable yields.

Better today than tomorrow: energy solutions

GP JOULE is constantly striving for progress, and not just in its future concepts division. With the PEM electrolyser from its affiliate H-TEC, GP JOULE offers a series-ready storage solution using hydrogen technology and thereby a key to 100% renewable energy.

Up to 25% higher yield with the GP JOULE PHLEGON®mover single-axis solar tracking technology

The GP JOULE PHLEGON®mover is an intelligent single-axis tracking system that follows the movement of the sun. As a system operator, you’ll become profitable more quickly and improve your income by up to 25% by orienting your modules in exactly the right direction at all times of day.

Cecilienkoog 16
25821 Reussenkoege
Founded: 2009
105 employees

The GP JOULE PHLEGON®mover improves your impact.

Series-ready hydrogen storage system from H-TEC