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High-quality inverters for grid-connected solar power systems

Left: Fronius CL - the identical power modules create a redundant system. A well-though out concept for high reliability. Right: Fronius IG Plus 150 - three phases in a device for mega-systems with a power output of 12 kW.

Since 1992, Fronius International GmbH has been developing and producing inverters for grid-connected solar power systems from 1 kW to 60 kW and components for professional system monitoring. High standards for research & development and consistent quality management guarantee high performance and reliability for all devices. Fronius also offers reliability of supply, product warranties from 5 to 20 years, and professional support. Fronius International GmbH is headquartered in Austria, and is represented in all major photovoltaic markets by sales and service subsidiaries.

Central inverter with Fronius MIX? concept: Fronius CL

For solar power plants of up to several hundred kilowatts, Fronius offers the Fronius CL: An inverter series with a power of 36 kW to 60 kW that combines high-yield power electronics with a unique system design of up to 15 identical power modules with the MIX? concept. The advantages of the modular design are maximum earnings in the partial load range, high reliability, longer lifetime, easy service, and thus investment security for the operator.

Alternative to a large inverter: Fronius IG Plus

The Fronius IG Plus provides an alternative to central inverters for large PV systems. The devices are suitable for installations in which inverters are placed separately near the solar modules (e.g., on a mounting bracket or a building wall) or near the grid connection point. The Fronius IG Plus also works with the MIX? concept, which means that several power modules share the work here too according to their operating hours. The inverter therefore stays in operation and ensures earnings even if a power module is defective.

Extensive service network

Fronius has its own technical support service available in six languages.

System monitoring - Fronius DATCOM

Professional system monitoring is becoming increasingly indispensable for larger solar systems. With the Fronius DATCOM system, complete system monitoring can be set up: from comprehensive data recording and analysis to data display and remote monitoring.

Fronius International GmbH
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Founded 1945
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Front view of the logistics and production center at Sattledt, Austria.