Welser Profile

Customized realization of innovative PV-system solutions

Welser's special sections are optimally suited to meet the static requirements of PV systems.

Rollformed special sections made of steel used for PV applications

For more than 50 years Welser Profile has used the cold roll forming process to manipulate flat coil made of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals and transform it into open special sections, welded section tubes and complete section systems. This process engineering can be supplemented with a wide range of further processes such as laser cutting, bending and a variety of joining and adhesive techniques.
In the business area of photovoltaics, Welser Profile manufactures bespoke sections and section systems for a wide variety of base constructions such as pylons, module mounting structures and longitudinal supports. These sections are predominantly made of steel and stainless steel, because this material is optimally suited to most of our customers? products.

The reasons for this might derive from the following requirements:

  • Increase of span width and optimized sections considering static demands
  • Reduction of material usage by optimizing the material thickness used
  • Simplification of manufacturing and assembly steps
  • Adjustment to required basic conditions under consideration of ecology and economy

By using premium materials, accurate manufacturing techniques and active corrosion protection of slit edges, strip edges and punched out areas, Welser Profile can offer first-class and long-life sections in the field of solar technology. Further advantages include optimal pre-material availability and short lead times. Welser Profile can meet these criteria, even for major projects, thanks to its identical production sites in Austria and Germany and its proximity to Europe's most important pre-material suppliers. Welser Profile already manufactures a considerable amount of different section for specific projects and delivers them within the agreed time scale to the project location.

RP-Technik Profilsysteme GmbH, a subsidiary of Welser Profile, offers revolutionary complete solutions in the field of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Embedded in the steel façade system, RP Iso hermetic 60 N, with its large scale modules and use of the most varied kind of cell technology, allows new standards in aesthetics and design to be achieved.

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Business Areas

  • tracking systems
  • mounting systems

Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV): ISO hermetic with integrated cable duct

Tracker systems - just one of many PV applications for special sections made of steel.