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Your Partner for Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics

PVGuard® Supervision Platform – SCADA software for supervising photovoltaic power plants

skytron® energy is a global leader in the development of monitoring, control, and supervision systems for renewable energy power plants. Today, more than 4.8 GWp of installed PV capacity worldwide rely on our technology.

Our experience of more than 35 years in “Renewables” is reflected in our cutting-edge system solution covering the entire power plant, from the point of power generation to the grid connection point. For solar PV, our string current monitoring system, installed in our ArrayGuard® combiner box, and our PVGuard® supervision software have been given the prestigious Intersolar Award.

skycontrol – for flexible grid and market integration

Our park controller ensures the power plant’s flexibility in meeting the system operator’s grid code. It provides voltage and frequency support for enhanced grid stability and even masters complex plant architectures, such as clusters of solar plants of different sizes, topology, and inverter equipment. Its telecontrol interface gives control access to dispatchers and electricity traders, thus creating additional revenues.

PVGuard® – for performance analysis and power production planning

Our supervision platform is the everyday working tool of the control room, the O&M team, and the power dispatcher or trader. Its advanced tools for plant supervision and power production control rely on PVGuard’s real-time database, life-cycle historic data, and self-learning analysis and forecasting algorithms.

Systematic engineering – for customized monitoring solutions

With our engineering expertise we assist your retrofit and system migration projects for assimilating different renewable power plants into a unified control and supervision concept. We provide all the support necessary, including the assessment of the original communication infrastructure of the existing plant.

Dependable service – for carefree O&M of your plant portfolio

Our service portfolio not only comprises design and commissioning of the monitoring and control system, but also ongoing operations support, such as control room service and life-cycle O&M.

skytron® energy GmbH
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Project Engineering & Service – Retrofit & Migration, Technical Due Diligence, Control Room and O&M Services

skycontrol Power Plant Controller – for enhanced grid stability and direct power trading