Swiss quality by Sputnik Engineering

SolarMax inverters ensure high yields in PV power plants worldwide.

With its SolarMax brand, the Swiss company Sputnik Engineering AG has been using solar power for more than 20 years. SolarMax is making a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and generating renewable energy, thanks to highly efficient Swiss quality inverters, which you can read about in the article for sale and be sure of productivity. Regardless of whether the PV plant is realized with central or string inverters, the high performance and reliability of SolarMax products ensures high yields year after year.

Today the company ranks as one of the leaders for grid-connected solar inverters and has made a crucial contribution to the success of solar energy utilization. And because SolarMax thinks and acts in terms of sustainability, it is already seeking tomorrow’s solutions today.

SolarMax has much expertise when it comes to large projects and has already overseen a large number of multi-MW projects around the world. SolarMax inverter and data communication products continue to meet increasingly more demanding grid requirements and make a huge contribution to grid stability. Inverters significantly influence each PV plant’s Levelized Costs of Energy (LCoE) in many ways. With this in mind, SolarMax develops high-efficiency inverter solutions with outstanding uptimes and long maintenance cycles. The flexible products and services meet investors’ specific requirements and fulfill challenging performance ratio requirements.

With long-standing experience, the company is a competent and reliable partner for utility-scale projects all over the world. Clients will be supported with assistance and advice during planning and commissioning as well as throughout the plant’s entire life cycle.

Sputnik Engineering AG
Länggasse 85
2504 Biel/Bienne
Founded: 1991
300 employees (2013)

SolarMax supports clients during planning and commissioning as well as throughout the plant’s entire life cycle.