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Lecce/Italy, 5.71 MWp
AEG PS assumed overall project management responsibility and installed AEG PS inverters, containers and monitoring system.

For decades, the demanding industrial sector has turned to AEG Power Solutions for products and services. Now the renewable energy sector can benefit from the same quality and expertise.

Building on its proven track record in supplying utilities and grid operators with reliable, fully-compliant solutions, the PV.250, PV.500, and PV.630 solar inverters from AEG PS provide quality and efficiency for large-scale PV installations. With an efficiency of more than 98% and compliance with European and American standards, AEG PS solar inverters exceed the expectations of their power class. The innovative FPGA circuits ensure the flexible, precise and rapid control needed to meet virtually all national grid standards.

In addition to solar inverters, AEG Power Solutions offers two completely integrated stations. The first is the TKS-C container solution, which includes PV.250, PV.500, and PV.630 solar inverters along with a medium-voltage transformer, switch-gear, and a monitoring, measurement and control system. The second is the Compact Station, which places the solar inverters in metal housings that are separate from the transformer, switch- gear, and MM&C system. These single-source solutions ensure smooth PV power plant operation, in close cooperation with the grid operator.

Both integrated systems include intelligent combiner boxes installed in the PV array’s field. These combiner boxes are fully integrated via communication links to field sensors for temperature, radiation and weather, and the collected data is stored in data loggers. The monitoring software, called PV.GuarD, ensures that the status updates needed by PV plant operators are always available over the Internet.

Backed by decades of field experience, AEG Power Solutions has built its worldwide service reputation by constantly exceeding customer expectations throughout the product lifespan. AEG Power Solutions’ service starts right from the beginning of any project installation. Clients can rely on AEG PS for service and support over the entire life-cycle of the plant. With facilities across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, China and North America, AEG Power Solutions is on hand for collaboration with all potential partners, including EPCs, consultants, operators and investors.

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Founded: 1946
Turnover: 428 million euros (2011, worldwide)
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