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Tracking systems in a large-scale solar plant in Italy

About the Kirchner Solar Group

The Kirchner Solar Group is a pioneer in the solar industry. The company’s products and services include the design and installation of PV systems, the production of its own solar tracker systems, the production of independent off-grid systems, trade of high-quality PV components and public funding concepts, as well as customized solar power plants. The group employs more than 250 people at 13 locations in Germany, Africa, Italy, Canada, the USA and Greece. In addition to its worldwide solar park projects and implementation activities, the company has for years dedicated itself to the field of sustainable and environmental education. The Kirchner Solar Group was awarded the German Solar Award 2010 for its work and commitment in the PV sector.

About PV tracker parks

The “sonnen_system” PV tracker, a Kirchner Solar Group product, is an astronomically controlled biaxial system. This innovative technology makes sure that the incidence angle of solar radiation on the module is optimal at all times. This way, the solar tracker parks will deliver up to 45% more yield compared to solar plants mounted on fixed structures.

About CPV trackers

Within the solar industry, CPV will be the leading edge technology providing outstanding high module efficiency from 30% to 40% in the near future. In the earth’s sunbelt, CPV offers the lowest solar electricity production cost combined with the best temperature characteristics.

The “sonnen_system” CPV tracker always aligns with the sun at the optimum angle. Optimal solar alignment is made possible by a precise astronomical control system developed specifically for this purpose. The “sonnen_system” CPV tracker is constructed to the highest quality, which is an absolute necessity for concentrator module applications in high DNI regions.

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The multi-use approach makes “sonnen_system” trackers a perfect fit for integration into agricultural land and parking lots.

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