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15.0 MW solar power plant, Almeria, Spain

Sinosol is an international project developer and EPC turnkey solution provider of solar parks, as well as a supplier of photovoltaic (PV) systems, solutions and components.

With its extensive experience in engineering, procuring and realizing international PV projects, Sinosol has a solid track record consisting of approx. 100 MW to date. For example, Sinosol has realized 15 MW in Spain, more than 10 MW in various parks in Germany, a 1 MW thin-film solar park in France and recently 5 MW in Italy.

The company’s business activities are divided into projects and wholesale business. The projects line provides institutional investors such as financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, family offices, and utility companies with a complete range of services, from project development to a turnkey solution, as well as the operation of solar farms.

Project and site development

Sinosol performs all tasks related to project and site development, the authorization framework, site qualification and the preparation of a sustainable financing model. We also negotiate the relevant purchase and lease agreements and obtain the required approvals from municipalities and energy suppliers.

Planning, procurement and turnkey construction

Sinosol assumes all responsibilities required for plant construction. When outsourcing services, Sinosol carefully selects suppliers and subcontractors who help to ensure the best project quality possible.

Operational management

Solar power systems have a service lifespan of several decades. Sinosol offers professional technical and commercial support throughout the entire service life and ensures that projects are successfully managed.

Sinosol’s activities include selling PV system components and complete systems to resellers, such as photovoltaic wholesalers, project developers, procurement organizations and utility companies, which are tailored to customers’ demands. We round off our sales support with training courses, technical, planning and design support, as well as all services related to logistics and product management.

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Founded: 2006

7.4 MW solar power plant, Nordendorf, Germany

1.0 MW solar power plant, Le Lauzet, France