LTi REEnergy GmbH

The best possible plant efficiency - with PVmaster inverters from LTi

Reference - The PV park in Veitsbronn, Germany, delivering 761 kWp

For over ten years, renewable energies have been an established area of focus at LTi REEnergy GmbH. Based in Unna, Germany, the company is part of the LTi Group and develops components and systems for the photovoltaics, biomass, and wind power sectors.

Obtaining the best possible efficiency for your PV park lies close to our heart: Our PVmaster series of large-scale inverters for large and medium sized PV installations provides the basis for the efficient conversion of generator power. In addition, you can utilize our expertise to optimize your plant efficiency. Simply contact our engineers at our branches in Europe, India, China, and the USA.

The PVmaster large-scale inverter is available for ac power outputs ranging from 33 kW to 1 MW and is compatible with all the usual crystalline and thin film modules. At your request we can deliver your PVmaster as an indoor or outdoor variant: As either a robust enclosure or ready assembled PVmaster station including low and medium voltage switchgear. Depending on the module type and environment, we can recommend the most efficient topology for your PV installation, in constant pursuit of our objective to obtain the best possible overall efficiency. Via our web portal you can comfortably view both the current and archived performance and yield curves for your PV park from anywhere in the world. In addition, our optional services range from extended service agreements to full plant monitoring, i.e. an all inclusive package for the entire lifecycle of your PV park.

Our experience has been drawn from many megawatt projects in Europe. Our customers appreciate not only the reliable and efficient PVmaster, but above all the expertise of our engineers and our expert supervision of all project phases.

With nearly forty years of experience, the globally operating LTi Group ranks among the pioneers of electrical inverter technology. This medium sized family enterprise develops and manufactures products for its three core competences of renewable energies, drive technology, and microsystems technology/electronics/sensor systems. Its inverter solutions based on quality technologies have placed the LTi Group in a leading role within selected segments.

LTi REEnergy GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 18
59423 Unna
Phone: +49 (0)2303 779-0
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Founded 1971 (LTi Group)
Turnover 170 million Euro (2008, LTi Group)
1,000 employees (2008, LTi Group)

Business Area

  • inverter / inverter systems

The PVmaster series of large-scale inverters is available in the 33 kW to 1 MW power range and various topologies.

Reference – The Solarpark Radelstetten at the Swabian Alb delivering 1.1 MWp is built on a former ammunition depot of the German Federal Armed Forces.