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Photovoltaics 2.0: the Next Generation of Solar Energy

The standardized and grid-integrated BELECTRIC 2.0 MegaWattBlock forms a ground-mounted solar power plant in 2 MWp steps.

The next generation of photovoltaic systems generates solar power that is commercially viable in relation to fossil energy sources and provides additional grid services. Today, BELECTRIC is already using innovative power plant technology that can stabilize our power network day and night. This generates new capacities for renewable energy sources and prevents the unnecessary construction of new line routes.

A company full of energy

BELECTRIC is the world market leader in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) of solar power plants and photovoltaic rooftop installations (2010 and 2011). The company has subsidiaries in 15 countries. In 2012 BELECTRIC has achieved a historic milestone and became the first company in the world to install 1 GW of solar power.

BELECTRIC designs, manufactures and constructs photovoltaic systems. The company offers a wide spectrum of solar energy solutions ranging from utility-scale ground-mounted solar power plants to photovoltaic roofing systems for large parking lots. Engineers and technicians conduct interdisciplinary research in all areas of photovoltaics and develop innovative technology that forms the basis for the environmentally-friendly power supply of our future. With over 25 patents filed every year, BELECTRIC continuously puts its great innovative spirit to the test. In 2011, the company was able to look back at a success story involving 70 patented innovations in the field of photovoltaics and has since then implemented over 2,600 photovoltaic rooftop installations and 160 solar power plants worldwide.

BELECTRIC realizes photovoltaic solutions with a degree of almost 100% integration. This applies particularly to the field of complex solar power plants, and ranges from system engineering and manufacturing of Balance of System (BoS) components through to services after construction is complete.

By covering and optimizing virtually all areas of solar business, BELECTRIC is able to achieve the lowest LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Energy) of photovoltaics.

2.0 MegaWattBlock®: the new unit

The 2.0 MegaWattBlock is a new plant unit developed to form ground-mounted solar power plants, either independently or in series. The standardized modular design is the result of many years of experience in implementing solar power plant technologies. Precisely tailored to the area and customer’s requirements, the 2.0 MegaWattBlock achieves an optimum cost-benefit ratio – to safeguard investment in the long run.

High energy yield through professional operation management

Producing electrical energy from sunlight is almost wear- and maintenance-free. However, continuous monitoring of the solar power plant makes sense. Not only to detect any deviations in the system’s performance, but also to ensure reliable operation over the entire life-cycle. The long operating times necessitate professional operation management in which BELECTRIC is responsible for all technical tasks. The real-time monitoring system facilitates reliable remote monitoring of the photovoltaic plant, allows access to the current yield data and provides extensive analysis functions.

Photovoltaics meets e-mobility

The BELECTRIC charging box for electric vehicles intelligently combines photovoltaics with e-mobility. From the system design through to the software, BELECTRIC pursues a flexible, modular concept that can be quickly adapted to new standards. The intelligent charging infrastructure facilitates local load management in the e-car fleet and maximizes the proportion of solar power in the vehicles.

BELECTRIC – A Better Electric

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Founded: 2001, BELECTRIC renaming 2011
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Inhouse manufacturing of BoS components

BELECTRIC’s own construction team members installing solar modules in California, USA

PV-Greenhouses – Food & Energy: combination of an integrated PV system with a standardized greenhouse structure

More than just EPC: BELECTRIC’s core capabilities at a glance

BELECTRIC’s Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) combines an intelligent inverter and transformer system with active grid stabilizing technology.

The BELECTRIC charging box infrastructure combines solar power production with e-mobility.

Control center with real-time power plant management system