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Turnkey Solar Power Plants: Experience Provides Security

Cavarzere, Italy: capacity 2.7 MWp, built in 2011

Würth Solar PV Power Plants is an internationally active, full-service project contractor for photovoltaic power plants that benefits from over 25 years of experience, making it an excellent partner for PV investors.

The PV Power Plants Division of Würth Solar provides services for all aspects of PV power plant projects, from planning to handing over turnkey plants. Based on a differentiated consultation procedure, the project team will perform feasibility studies, organize construction of the installation and provide monitoring, maintenance and insurance for the PV plant as needed from its modular portfolio of services. Würth Solar PV Power Plants implements both free-standing projects and all common types of roof-mounted and facade installations.

The project experience gathered by Würth Solar PV Power Plants, in Germany and across the globe, ensures that large-scale PV installations are designed and implemented in accordance with the relevant national regulations in a manner that is precisely tailored to the requirements. In terms of financing, Würth Solar PV Power Plants can provide support in matters of regional remuneration legislation and will calculate the potential financial yield of the planned installation. In each venture, experienced project managers work together with local Würth Solar project teams. The high quality standards that characterize all phases of every project ensure both the reliable performance of the completed solar power plant and optimum yields, which have been repeatedly verified by measurements from independent institutes. Alongside its versatile mobile teams, Würth Solar PV Power Plants has established branches in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Switzerland and the USA.

Roots of Würth Solar PV Power Plants

The PV Power Plants Division was established in 2010 as the result of a merger between the project divisions of Würth Solar and SolarMarkt AG. It brings together over 25 years of experience in developing and realizing PV projects with outputs of 0.5–20 MWp, within and outside Europe. In addition to project management, the company also has roots in developing PV components and in trading. To date, Würth Solar PV Power Plants has installed more than 100 MWp of PV capacity.

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PV Power Plants Division
Founded: 2010
59 employees

Cavarzere: 11,664 polycrystalline modules installed on an area of 5.4 ha

Frank Börsig and Patrick Metzger